Ephesians 3:1-21 Discussion Prompts

Newness in Christ Sermon Series
“New Purpose”

The following are simply prompts for study, prayer and conversation. There is no designed order to follow. It will not be graded. They are simply caves to be explored on the journey of life and faith. They do assume that you have a Bible present and open.

  1. In Ephesians 2:11-22, we are invited to think about our relationship with God through various images (e.g. dividing wall, one man/body, building/temple, etc.). Each of these images communicates something unique to our multifaceted understanding of God and the Gospel. Each of the following questions seek to answer the same question, “What does each image contribute to our developing understanding of our relationship with God and others?
    1. What does it mean that there was once a dividing wall of hostility? On what side of the wall is God?
    2. What does it mean that we are created as one new man? How is this unification accomplished? What does it mean for how we view and treat each other?
    3. What does it mean that Christ is the cornerstone? What is the purpose of a cornerstone? What is built on top of it? How should Christ –as cornerstone- influence our daily thoughts, words and actions?


  1. Separation, hostility, nearness and peace are major themes in this passage. Share with the group where you are currently experiencing any of these in you life. As a group, pray for each other, thanking God for His work in your lives and requesting that He continue to work in the various areas you shared.


  1. Even when we were still “hostile,” God sent Jesus to make nearness with Him possible. More often than not, we don’t imitate this kind of love as Christians in our daily lives. Rather, we construct dividing walls between others who are different than us. These walls can be gender, race, wealth, education, nationality, political parties, etc. What barriers or “dividing walls” are most difficult for you do break down? What needs to take place so that you can turn to a posture of embrace?


  1. What are the barriers of “otherness” that we construct at Heartland? That is, who is excluded from fellowship, in any amount, because they are different?


  1. Jesus is our peace. He creates peace. He speaks peace to all. Peace in this context refers to completeness, fullness or wholeness. Brainstorm together where your community is lacking peace. Pray for those who need God’s peace by name. Pray for discernment and power to share Christ’s peace with them. Thank God for His peace.