at Heartland

Ephesians 4 reminds us that when all the parts are working together, the body of Christ is built up. We encourage you to be an active part of this work. Many of the opportunities to serve at Heartland are posted here on our website.  We are currently looking for someone that is interested in serving as a photographer.  
Contact the church office: or 319-665-5607 and let us know where you can serve!


Those on the care team help to minister to individuals in need through prayer, visitor follow-up, making meals, responding to benevolence requests, and hospital visits. They serve on an as needed schedule.
Opportunities Include:
     -Prayer Team
     -Hospital Visits
     -Welcoming Team


Those who serve in the Children’s ministry participate laying a biblical foundation for the next generation of the church. They welcome families, teach children and youth, and provided behind the scenes support for the many activities of the team. They serve on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly rotation.
Opportunities Include:
     – Youth Group Sponsors (Sunday evenings)
     – Sunday Morning Nursery
     – Sunday Morning Pre-K
     – Sunday Morning Elementary



The connections team at Heartland serves to more deeply connect people to God and one another. They are the first impression many visitors get of Heartland and serve by greeting people at the door, answering questions from newcomers, help people find their seats, and make sure people have a hot cup of coffee and a snack. They serve on a bi-weekly or monthly rotation.
Opportunities Include:
     – Greeters
     – Ushers
     – Coffee set-up/clean-up


As Christians, financially giving to the local church not only builds up the body of Christ, but also individually reminds us that we are simply stewards of the blessings God has provided. If you would like to give via electronic direct debit, please complete this form
and return to the church office.


The stewardship team works behind the scenes to ensure that the facility and finances are in proper order so that the other ministries can thrive. They serve on a bi-weekly, monthly and as needed schedule.
Opportunities include:
     – Offering Counters
     – Facilities Maintenance


Those on the worship team creatively lead the congregation in corporate worship. They are composed of musicians, vocalists, and audio/visual techs.

Opportunities Include:

     – Audio/Video Tech
     – Bass Guitar
     – Communion Prep
     – Drums
     – Guitar
     – Piano