APRIL 8, 2018

Heartland Family,

Since September, we have been exploring and assessing the possibility of becoming the third campus of Parkview Church. Thank you to those who have been faithfully praying and contributing to this ongoing conversation.
In March, the teams from Heartland and Parkview met together collectively to discuss and discern what direction to move. Throughout the discussions there was overwhelming positivity and affirmation to continue this process, moving us to an Alignment Phase, where we will seek to clearly answer the question, “How do we merge?”

This means that, leading up to congregational votes in June, the leadership from both churches will be working to determine the details of staffing, finances, and other multi-campus logistics. We will communicate these details in the weeks leading up to our congregational vote.

Overview of the Process

  • Exploratory Phase (Oct-Dec 2017) asking the question, “Should we merge?” and assessing congregation-wide desire and commitment to build the Kingdom together.
  • Feasibility Phase (Jan – March 2018) asking the question, “Can we merge?” and assessing finances, theology, and leadership.
  • Alignment Phase (April-June 2018) asking the question, “How do we merge?” and clarifying the main details of what a merger would entail for Heartland and Parkview should we merge.
  • Congregational Vote (June 2018) asking the question, “Do we merge?” for a final decision.
If you have any questions or would like further conversation regarding this process, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our board members or Pastor Josh.

For His Glory,

The Heartland Board and Pastor Josh


updated FEBRUARY 25, 2018
Over the next two weeks, we will be resuming conversations regarding the possibility of become a third campus of Parkview Church by focusing on their doctrine and distinctives. We encourage you to join us as we discuss potential changes that would occur should we move ahead with Parkview.
Following links are provided to help you as you prepare for our conversation together this Sunday.


Heartland & Parkview Proposal

Downloadable PDF Version: 

This proposal is being pursued primarily in the hope that the Gospel could be extended more effectively by both churches together than it could be separately.  We are exploring a partnership so together our churches will help reach more people with the Gospel to the glory of God, to the benefit of the people of Heartland Community Church and Parkview Church, our neighbors in the North Liberty area and the world.


The potential partnership of two churches is an exciting proposition—a proposition which must be explored with utmost respect for the people of both churches, and the work that God has done through both churches in the past.    We desire this exploration phase be conducted with great excitement for how the Gospel and the Name of Jesus Christ, who is the head of both churches, may be greatly magnified in the Iowa City/North Liberty area and the world.


Parkview Church graciously and humbly extends the offer of a partnership to Heartland Community Church, inviting the people of Heartland Community Church to:

  • Join Parkview Church in its mission and vision, becoming Parkview’s North Campus.
  • Join Parkview Church and its commitment to its bylaws, doctrinal statements, and leadership structure.
  • Join Parkview in our affiliation with the Evangelical Free Church of America.
  • Join Parkview Church by pursuing membership in Parkview Church.
  • Join Parkview Church by participating in all of our ministry areas, programs, and outreach to our neighbors and our world.

Parkview Church desires, if God leads the two churches to merge, that the people of Heartland Community Church will be honored, encouraged, and empowered to join as fully flourishing members of the newly merged church.


In offering this partnership, Parkview Church is ready to assume financial responsibility for all of Heartland Community Church’s operations and facilities.  The operating budget of Heartland Community Church would be assumed within the budget of Parkview Church.  We would foresee a continued partnership with Heartland’s Corridor Christian Early Learning Center


If the invitation is accepted:

  • Heartland Community Church would become Parkview’s North Campus, the third site of a multisite church. Parkview North would be part of one church that meets in three locations. 
  • The staff, elders, deacons, deaconesses and women’s ministry team of Parkview Church would humbly assume leadership roles for the people of Heartland Community Church. Initially, the leaders of Heartland Community Church would be invited to continue in their leadership capacities as a Parkview North leadership team, and any qualified leader who desires a role as elder, deacon, deaconess, or women’s ministry team would be invited into the nomination process for the 2018-2019 term.
  • A core team from Parkview Church would be invited to join the people of Heartland Community Church in forming the North campus. The two teams of people would spend a period of time building relationships with each other and being trained and equipped to serve together when the time is set for the opening of the Parkview North campus.
  • Current Heartland Community Church personnel would be considered on a case by case basis for new positions within Parkview. The desire of the leadership of Parkview Church at the outset would be for those currently serving as personnel for Heartland Community Church to continue their ministry roles if there is a desire to do so and if the personnel is considered a good fit for the newly merged church.